Although it passed through a down time in the 70s, palm springs desert scenery covered with palms that tingle as the wind blows has never ceased to amaze and give a sense of glamor to its visitors along all years from the 30's through the 60's. Currently, with hotels booming and increase in top level restaurants, the desert has once again become a hot spot for many. Having a lot of places to go to, below are recommendations of where to go in Palm spring.

Reported by Forbes, opened in February, an active hotel filled with energy named "Arrive" has a pool opened to even nonguests. The hotel uses phones for check in and even text for communication with attendants.

If you need some privacy, L'Horizon Resort & Spa is a suitable match. Filled with tranquility, its pool is not opened to the non-guest and has a little spa attached to it. Pa restaurant is magical and gives a chance to experience exceptional tastes of various standout dishes. Cheeky's Palm Springs is known for its breakfast menu and long queues so if you run out of patience of the line, consider King's Highway Instead for an amazing breakfast.

According to Trip advisor, if wanting to enjoy Vietnamese dishes, "Pho 533" restaurant is the most suitable for you. Started by Anh ho Rock who is a Vietnamese immigrant, the hotel is widely appreciated by its visitors. As for best Mexican food, El Jefe in the Saguaro Hotel is the best though around town there is an alternative spot for Mexican dishes offering larger portions of grilled flat iron steak as well as tequila shots.

To know better the history of the Palm Springs, a 150 minutes' tour with the writer of "the palm spring" Julius Shulman, will give you an insight on architectural improvements as he takes you to parties and meeting in his friends' houses to see the interiors and interact with the locals. Palm spring can be accessed through flight which is on a daily basis.