The winter season has not been a friendly one for Paris. Due to windless and cold conditions, there has been entrapment of exhaust fumes, industrial pollutants and smoke from chimneys that have created a photochemical smog making the beautiful Eiffel tower to be barely visible. The campaign for alert against the pollution in Paris called stop pollution as compared the current pollution in Paris as being in a 20 square feet room breathing smoke from eight cigarettes in a day which is fairly health endangering.

According to Forbes, the government has reached out for some initiatives to improve the air quality. One of the initiatives has been the banning the driving of private cars which has in fact been hard for most of the drivers to respect that leads to the lifting the ban.

The city management has decided to go an extra mile through offering free public transportation so as to prevent an increase in pollution. Among public transportation offered is a city shared bicycle service in France known as Vélib and also a city shared electric car known as Autolib.

Reported by Headlines-news, the ministry of environment under the minister Ségolène Royal, had a cabinet meeting last Saturday and confirmed how serious the government is towards peak pollution and as a resolution reached by the cabinet for everyone who is willing to give up cars run by diesel and replace them with electric car can get an incentive of approximately €10,000 and by January every individual scooter buyer will get a €1000 bonus.

Another initiative taken by France is that every motorist must have a color-coded air quality so as to control pollution. This sticker will be effectively mandatory as of January 16, 2017. The pollution has caused about 9% of premature cancer deaths and respiratory diseases death a stated by Sylvia medina of the French institute of public health and there has been about 2000 respiratory emergency patients as per health minister.