Israeli's tourism ministry has released a new map that is more inclusive than the older version of the map. This new map has also eliminated Palestinian previously neighbored Silwan, meanwhile, the old map that was released at the beginning of 2016, had been known for promoting of the old city and its environment has been criticized by many.

According to Aljazeera, the former version of the map had indicated 57 listings of sites of which majority were of a minimal interest to the tourists. The map also failed to indicate religious points for both Christians and Muslims. That are of a great importance. The new version of the map corrects for the faults of the old and indicates the sites that drive several to Jerusalem each year.

As per Juban who is a tour guard, no guard will be prefer giving the old map to tourists to the new map since it has all Muslim sites and all Christian sites and has avoided the use of disputable phrases as temples mount and Haram Al Sharif. It also has the route of the stations of the cross and has highlighted Al Aqsa.

As reported by Yahoonews, Lydia Weitzman the speaker on behalf of the ministry has said the new map is a temporal version as she was explaining on the removal of the settlement and Al Aqsa. She also said the ministry is working on another version of the map. A further statement on how controversial the new map will be was not disclosed by the spokesman.

The basic challenge of the new map is the representation of the city of David Park. The park which is bordered by Silwan is currently surrounded by the green void space in the new map due to the removal of Silwan from the old map. The removal of Palestinian settlement is as equivalent as removing its existence and narrative.

This October, the UN world heritage agency in collaboration with UNESCO criticized the removal of the Palestinian settlements and explains how tourists will be deprived of seeing grievances, no education or food and above it the high-level poverty to about 80% only.