We live in unsettling times. Up is down and washouts win. Who truly recognizes what is going on-not to mention what will be. The magnificent universe of travel and adventure is the same.  on a former year's visualizations. Discussed here are the Upcoming travel trend both old and new for 2017.

According to Huffingtonpost, wellbeing travel is growing half speedier than expected, with voyagers perceiving that energizing is a piece of a solid work-life, keen managers are putting resources into their worker's time-off realizing that an upbeat, innovative and crisp representative is productive.

The increase in routes and airport makes it easier and affordable to fly to your destination. With increased level of desire for adventure, traveling is now eyed from another angle. Competitions involving traveling adventures makes travel as similar to the Olympics. This new angle is the "competitive travel trend."

Reported by Reportnewstoday, being online 24/7 and always looking for the hottest deals has become a common trend for air travelers. Search sites as Hopper predict with accuracy on lower fares. It has made airline as a market which gives a question on what the future of the market will be and this is the "Airline ticket futures index." When traveling, you should note that not all areas have equal rights to all people. Therefore, avoiding areas with high population of Muslims or those with fewer rules is another expected trend. These segregation strategies are called "xenophobic travel trend."

The Loving it to Death Tax Index, most travelers love to destroy what they like and the demand increases the need for an area, commodity or service. Some other travelers have played the "protest trend" card on social media condemning some places and thus prohibiting others from going to those areas for instant Uganda and their protest against LGBT community. Currently, many travelers have been price driven. Without regarding the luggage or seat the aim is a cheaper ticket this is termed as bargain basement travel index. These are the upcoming trends of the year 2017 and Bill trend encourages us to move with trend lines and not headlines. Move with the above trends.