Traveling alone does not signify that you are a lone wolf. Everyone has that moment where they need to be alone and get hold of themselves through self-reflection and a little bit of soul searching. Traveling alone helps you break free off your comfort zone and explore a better version of yourself. When wanting to be alone and travel elsewhere to have a self-reflection these are recommendations of the places you can go to.

According to Vogue, Thailand that had been previously known for the military coup is now a place viable for visiting. Moreover, people in Thailand consider those tourists traveling alone as seekers or people who have come for a pilgrim and they are highly respected. In Thailand areas worth visiting are Bangkok for its historic sights, temples, the Mo Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and other smaller towns around the cities.

Covered with great scenery and friendly environment, Canada the getaway during election time is the best place to visit alone next year. In the coming year, Canada will be having celebrations which are Canada's 150th anniversary and the Montreal 375th anniversary both marked with artistic exhibitions.

Reported by Businessinsider, having the honors to enjoy best Olympics for 2018, South Korea has beautiful scenery to have self-reflection. Having to eliminate the language barrier the best place to be in is a major touring spot where lanterns are lit and roam in the sky to mark Buddha's birthday. For 2017 the celebration is said to be in the late April.

Colombia having recovered from its dangerous reputation, it is now one of the recommended places to visit due to its geographical nature comprising mountains and jungles and above all a chance to host great festivals like the black and white carnival. Colombia has happy people who share the joy with everyone.

France being one of the most populated cities and mostly the white sand beaches in Paris. Although Paris now seems scary due to the attack, still it is the best and safe place to go and above all when you need a breathing space.