Today's airports are all about waiting and not moving and all travelers aim at moving through airports as fast as possible. While people are hoping for fast movement in airports, technology shows hopeful signs of future airports being of low stress.

According to Eyefortravel, the future expectations of airports of 2030 up to 2050's will be a smooth and great experience. A self-luggage check in, meaning luggage will automatically move from the local agents such as Starbucks and check, tag and board in the plane and can be monitored by means of app tracking. They will also be a link with other smart travel apps for re -union arrangement.

The smart airport technology will totally have no need for security or check in. A new invention by Genia Photonics comprises of a laser scanner which can pass through clothes and organic materials for detection of drugs and explosives. Moreover, passengers will be cleared off the reference of their biological and biometrical data.

According to Skift, the basic challenge through this is that most passengers do not regard airports as shopping opportunity which results in losses in airports for instance by 2015 about 69% of airports had made losses. It is also predicted in the next 15 years there will be a lack of airport infrastructure due to low revenues of about 38% received from airline companies.

The president of the international Trade Association TJ added that the smart airports should make the airport as a destination. In this context, he meant that airports should provide shopping services for passengers as the terminal 3 in Dubai and have a link to smartphones Bluetooth for an alert of special deals and offers in the shops. Moreover, an airport app that will guide the passengers of the ins and outs of the airports for better management of their time.

The expansion of airports require billions of money which will not miraculously pay itself, someone has to eventually pay the cost. This cost will not come from the passenger shopper only, airports have to do tradeoffs so as to lower air prices and increase the influx of airlines that will increase the revenue.