Visa, a global leader in digital payments, has teamed up with Getmyboat, the world's top boat rental and charter platform, to provide special boating discounts to their premium cardholders. 

The new partnership focuses on Visa's Platinum, Signature, and Infinite cardholders, enhancing their travel by making luxury boating more accessible and affordable.

Visa and Getmyboat Team Up to Offer Travelers Luxurious Boating Discounts

(Photo : Alina Kacharho on Unsplash)

Getmyboat and Visa Deliver Exclusive Traveler Perks

The collaboration between Visa and Getmyboat introduces exclusive benefits such as unique discounts, priority booking, and custom boating packages. These perks are designed to attract travelers who enjoy water activities and are looking for memorable experiences on their trips. 

By providing these special offers, Visa and Getmyboat aim to make every journey unforgettable with a day spent on the water.

Doug Bird, the Vice President of Sales & Business Development at Getmyboat, expressed excitement about the partnership. 

According to Travel and Tour World, he emphasized that teaming up with Visa allows them to elevate the travel experiences of their customers significantly. 

Yuri Topunov, Visa's Vice President and Head of Products for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), also shared his enthusiasm. He mentioned that the initiative is part of Visa's commitment to adapt to the evolving needs of its affluent clients by offering them seamless and luxurious travel adventures.

The partnership aligns with Getmyboat's mission to make boating enjoyable and accessible everywhere. By combining forces with Visa, Getmyboat continues to innovate and provide exceptional value to travelers around the globe who seek unique and lavish experiences on the water. 

This strategic move is set to redefine leisure and luxury travel for Visa cardholders, promising them both cost savings and extraordinary adventures.

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Getmyboat and Your Boat Club Expanded Boat Rental Options

In January, Getmyboat, a popular platform for boat rentals and charters, partnered with Your Boat Club to broaden their rental fleet availability. This move allowed Your Boat Club's boats to be booked through 

The partnership was part of a broader collaboration with Groupe Beneteau, enhancing access to Beneteau's Glastron brand and ensuring seamless rental experiences for customers, as per Trade Only Today.

Bird emphasized the importance of firsthand boating experiences in attracting new enthusiasts. He stated that the partnership aimed to create a comprehensive boating service ecosystem. 

The ecosystem is designed to cater to various consumer needs if they want to try, buy, rent, or subscribe to a boating service.

Your Boat Club also launched "try and buy" locations as part of its expansion strategy. These sites enable direct-to-consumer sales and provide potential buyers with on-the-water test experiences before purchasing.

Luke Kujawa, owner of Your Boat Club, highlighted the club's continuous efforts to grow its membership base. He expressed confidence that the partnership with Getmyboat would boost growth opportunities and enhance the convenience, variety, and quality that customers expect from both brands. 

The collaboration is set to significantly benefit both Getmyboat and Your Boat Club by making boating more accessible to a wider audience.

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