These days, not all countries are safe. With increased number of terror attacks and crimes, some places have become more dangerous compared to a few decades ago. But don't let fear hinder your travel bug, here are some of the safest countries in the world for you to explore.

According to Travel and Leisure, the World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report of the year 2017 contain the list of safest countries that are preferred for a vacation spending plan. The list is made according to the safety and security of the country. The countries scoring the top 95th percentile are considered as the safest countries to visit. Let's have a look.

Qatar. Qatar is ranked among the safest countries to visit in the year 2017. Travelers can wander through Souq Waqif, have a visit to the Sheikh Faisal's private museum and experience the man-made island called the Pearl-Qatar.

Finland. GQ Australia reported that Finland is still a part of the list of the safest countries to visit in 2017, despite dropping in score. Finland's tourist attractions include the Northern Lights, Lapland, and the Midnight Sun Film Festival.

United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates has tourist attraction such as superb class dining, shopping with beaches in the Persian Gulf. Every year, UAE hosts more than 10 million international visitors and is a melting pot of culture and people with different beliefs.

Iceland. The popularity of Iceland has boomed in the past years, and the country has become one of the safest destinations. Travelers can experience the Blue Lagoon, enjoy the glaciers, waterfalls, watch the terrific whales and bask in the majestic Aurora Borealis.

Hong Kong. Hong Kong is known for having the lowest number of terrorist incidents all around the world. This country has lots of tourist attractions such as Pak Tai Temple, Cheung Chau Island or the Repulse Bay Beach.

Singapore. Singapore has successfully made a place in the list of safest countries because of its low rate of business crimes and violence. Tourists can visit the museums here, go shopping crazy or experience the colorful Peranakan houses.

The safest countries were measured by the extent of tourist, business, and security hazards that result to genuine damage to individuals (violence and terrorism). Regardless of such variables, petty crime was not considered while deciding the rankings.