During July to August, Hong Kong conducts special events and stores have special sales for the festival. One can get quality products and prices. During this time, there will be more sales than usual. Many stores will be also open longer than usual. Major discounts will be made available. Customer service will also make available coupons for the sale.

Hong Kong has always been considered as a world class shopping center. They have the highest in retail rental for stores. In 2015, the Global Shopper Index named Hong Kong as the best to place to shop in Asia. This is based on characteristics such as variety, price, ease of travel, enjoyment and entertainment.

In fact, it was rated as substantially better than the next city in Asia. One can usually find bargains on most products better than elsewhere in Asia while at the same time enjoying the place. One will also find about the widest variety of products in Asia. 

Hong Kong can be quite warm in July and August, but this is no problem because all malls in Hong Kong have air conditioning. It is not recommended to go out too early the street markets because of the warm weather. It is better after sundown, then one can try the street food and eat outside when it is cooler. There are luxury malls, and there are middle priced malls. One can find some of Asia's best restaurants in these malls, as rated by the Michelin Guide.

Access to Central District is a breeze via the Star Ferry terminal in Central or the Central MTR station. On the island, there are also hiking areas, parks, natural parks and beaches, good free zoos, and the vast and renovated Ocean Park amusement park. Much of the island is covered by public forest land that makes the island scenery beautiful and that makes for good and safe natural hiking areas. From Chinese noodle restaurants to gourmet French and Cantonese restaurants in the Landmark or the IFC Towers, one has a wide range of places to eat in Central and Admiralty.

If you venture out and around the Mong Kok area in Kowloon, there is the The Ladies Market, Fa Yuen Street, Tung Choi Street, Ladies Market's Sai Yeung Choi Street, or Temple Street. For electronics, the latest is always available. You can get bargains on Chinese-made electronics. There is Golden Computer Center which is a large electronics market. For photography equipment, Stanley Street on Hong Kong Island and Sai Yeung Choi Street on the Kowloon side are where the professional photographers prefer to go for new lenses or cameras. The large Apple stores in Hong Kong sell the latest versions about 10 percent cheaper than in the mainland.

For cosmetics, in the bigger shopping malls in Central in Hong Kong, you can find most brands of cosmetics. For outlet stores, Hong Kong has several outlet stores. One of them is Citygate that is conveniently located in Tung Chung on Lantau Island and is only 5 minutes from the airport.