July 17, 2024 7:23 PM


August is the most dangerous driving month of the year

As the summer hits its midpoint, drivers embark on one of the most dangerous periods on America's roadways. In fact, the month of August continues to be the deadliest driving month of the year


Five Things You Need To Know About The Northern Lights

Here are five things you might want to know about this wonderful phenomenon of nature, the Northern Lights.


Hong Kong Shopping Festival 2017: Things You Need To Know

Hong Kong, the shopping center of Asia, wiil hold it's shopping festival this July to August. Find out the essential things you need to know before going there.


17,000 Baby Turtles Released Into The Amazon; First Of Three Parts

Over the weekend, 17,000 baby turtles were released, the first in the series of three releases in a protected area in northeastern Peru's Amazon River Basin. The release is also a part of a conservation and educational effort by Peruvian authorities


Mesa Verde National Park: Practical Tips For Visiting The Park

Mesa Verde is also home to a number of animal and plant species that have mainly disappeared or are rarely seen in the region outside of the park. Here are different tips on how to make your visit to the national park worthwhile.


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