The great thing about Hong Kong is that no matter which part of the country you are in, you will be able to get quality food. Whether it's in a Michelin star restaurant or a hawker down the street, you're sure to get delicious, well-thought out food that will fill you to the brim.

This article will focus on street food, which you can find practically anywhere in the city. There are no menu cards of fancy marketing here--all you need is a sharp eye and a huge appetite. Find these roadside stalls in areas like Sham Shui Po, the Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon, and Graham Street Market in Central. When walking down the street of this bustling city, keep an eye on the following:

Egg waffles - Ranking number 1 on the 'most popular Hong Kong street snack listing', these are usually available in the streets starting in the afternoon. You can either get them plain, or have a variety of toppings like fruit and ice cream. 

Stinky tofu - don't let the scare you--this is dish is always a crowd favorite. It's called as such because the tofu undergoes natural fermentation. This is available on roadside stalls, but also served as a snack in restaurants.

Beef offal - These are made of beef entrails--a favorite Cantonese cuisine-inspired delicacy. If this is your first time eating this, don't get scared; it's quality beef which could actually be good for you-the tripe, for instance, contains zinc and vitamin B-12.

Fish balls and siu mai - the fish balls are served in skewers and with curry, and the siu mai (imagine pork or fish meat dimsum) is served on a stick.

Egg tarts - the famous Portuguese egg tarts (uses puff pastry, so it's a bit more expensive) are usually available in restaurants, and the Hong Kong egg tarts (doesn't use puff pastry), are available in the streets and bakeries. Both are excellent snacks, paired with some milk tea and coffee. 

All of these great snacks, light lunches or dinners, or post-drinking grub will introduce to you another side of Hong Kong cuisine. Pay attention! If you see a crowd, even if you have no idea what's being served, just go for it-it just might become a new favorite.