When traveling to a specific destination, it seems like a person no longer needs to wait until touch down to indulge in the local cuisine.

Most airplane meals still aren't luxurious as they might be for first-class travelers in the early years of commercial flight, one can still get a taste of various countries' food in the air.

Medway Leisure Travel says that a lot of companies are aiming to entice hungry jet-setters with high quality dishes native to their flight destination. For instance, Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific airline serves Cantonese-style breakfast with prawns, dumplings and noodles, with a fruit salad and croissant on the side.

If a traveler wish to go to Paris, take Air France and have a French baguette with chicken and pasta in cream sauce and an apple compote with a sweet tart for dessert.

According to Town and Country, though airline meals usually have a bad reputation, each carrier strives to bring something new to the tray table. There are a number of cuisines to sample, some based on the traveler's destination and others on the origin of the airline.

Below are the top 5 airline meals one can taste during flights:

1. Japan

The food they serve are mixed seafood bento box with soba noodles and vegetables with a bread roll. In first class, one can enjoy a smoked salmon and seared scallops with simmering duck in soy-sauce.

2. United Kingdom

Vegatarian Lasagne, cous cous and a bread roll, with a mango cheesecake dessert are served. For first class passengers, they get to taste seared tuna starter with Aberdeen Angus beef for main.

3. Germany

The meal consists of chicken with noodles and vegetables, potato salad and a bread roll, with chocolate cake and dried fruit for dessert. Grilled shrimp starter and braised beef rib with a wine glaze for main are for first class travelers.

4. France

The food served are chicken and pasta in cream sauce with a mini baguette, followed by an apple compote and a sweet tart. Air France has partnered with Michelin star chef Daniel Boulud across 11 first class flights which serves delights of Atlantic lobster.

5. Vietnam

Shrimps and grilled fish cake with rice and vegetables, plus a side salad with Italian dressing and a bread roll are given to passengers. In the first class, smoked salmon and shrimp salad followed by stir-fried beef and shitake mushrooms will be served.