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Maneki Neko

The Origin Story Behind The Japanese Waving Cat, Plus Other Interesting Facts

Japan visitors may be familiar with adorable Maneki Neko, an adorable cat raising its paw in the air as if it is waving. The talisman can be seen across the world in homes and establishments to bring luck.


MariCar Japan

How To Play Mario Kart In Japan — On A Real Street With Real Traffic

People visiting Japan can now pretend to be part of the world-famous Nintendo game 'Mario Kart' by joining a go-kart tour. Riders only need to have a valid Japanese driving license or an international driving permit to join.



Some Beaches In Japan Are Reopening 7 Years After Deadly Tsunami

Japan has finally reopened three stunning beaches of the regions that were hit by the 2011 tsunami. People in the area are rejoicing as they flock to the sea to get away from the summer heat.



Your Trip To Japan Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive: Here Are Some Cost-Cutting Tips

People traveling to Japan are often worried to break the bank when they are visiting the Land Of The Rising Sun. However, with planning and research, travelers can still make the most out of their trips without blowing up their entire savings.



Here’s What It Feels Like To Stay In A Japanese Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotels are not only popular in Japan, but all over the world. These self-contained pods attract tourists and locals alike not only because of its unique offer, but also for its low cost.



If You’re Tired Of Traditional Galleries, Check Out The Tokyo Digital Museum

Step into a one of a kind experience of a borderless installation at teamLab’s Borderless exhibit in Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Japan. The dream-like installation is created by 470 projectors and 520 computers.


The famous Shiba Inus

These Three Shiba Inu Dogs Are Now The Latest Tourist Craze In Japan

Dog lovers visiting Japan should get ready for an adorable sight. In a residential street in Shimabara, three dogs have been skyrocketed to celebrity status after photos of them sticking their heads out in a small opening trended online.


Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines And Japan Airlines Are Joining Forces To Make Traveling Easier

Three months after their announcement, Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines have submitted an application for antitrust immunity to push for a joint venture. If approved, the partnership is set to launch on the second quarter of next year.


Tattoos in Japan

Having Trouble Finding Tattoo-Friendly Hot Springs In Japan? Check Out This Website

In Japan, Tattoos are taboo because of its association with the Yakuza. However, this website helps tattooed tourists find out where they can visit hot spring facilities that accept their skin art.


The sacred Island of Okinoshima 1/2(English)

Is The Sacred Okinoshima Island In Japan Biased On Women Visitors?

A UNESCO World Heritage site nominee, Okinoshima Island in Fukuoka, Japan does not allow women visitors for different reasons.


Five Best Places In Japan For Nature Lovers

Five Best Places In Japan For Nature Lovers

Japan is one Asian country that is rich in culture and heritage, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Asia.


In Egypt, a Pungent Fish-Eating Ritual Divides Noses - 2013 | The New York Times

The Poisonous Fish Egyptians Can’t Get Enough Of

Egyptians partake of the fermented feseekh, despite its reputation as a poisonous fish and its pungent smell.


Top Five To Dos in Japan

Top Five Things To Do While In Japan

Are you traveling to Japan? Here are some of the things that you can do for an ultimate Japanese experience.


Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai - Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Best Western Nishikasai Grande To Open In April

Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai Grande is the company’s third hotel in Tokyo alongside Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Tokyo Machida and Best Western Tokyo Nishikai.


Japan’s “Snow Country”

Locals In Japan’s 'Snow Country' Treats Niigata Prefecture As Food Refrigerator

Locals in Japan's "Snow Country" see Niigata Prefecture as their natural food refrigerator. The snow in the region gives their vegetables a sweeter flavor while extending their shelf life.


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