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Tattoos in Japan

Having Trouble Finding Tattoo-Friendly Hot Springs In Japan? Check Out This Website

In Japan, Tattoos are taboo because of its association with the Yakuza. However, this website helps tattooed tourists find out where they can visit hot spring facilities that accept their skin art.


The sacred Island of Okinoshima 1/2(English)

Is The Sacred Okinoshima Island In Japan Biased On Women Visitors?

A UNESCO World Heritage site nominee, Okinoshima Island in Fukuoka, Japan does not allow women visitors for different reasons.


Five Best Places In Japan For Nature Lovers

Five Best Places In Japan For Nature Lovers

Japan is one Asian country that is rich in culture and heritage, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Asia.


In Egypt, a Pungent Fish-Eating Ritual Divides Noses - 2013 | The New York Times

The Poisonous Fish Egyptians Can’t Get Enough Of

Egyptians partake of the fermented feseekh, despite its reputation as a poisonous fish and its pungent smell.


Top Five To Dos in Japan

Top Five Things To Do While In Japan

Are you traveling to Japan? Here are some of the things that you can do for an ultimate Japanese experience.


Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai - Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Best Western Nishikasai Grande To Open In April

Best Western Tokyo Nishikasai Grande is the company’s third hotel in Tokyo alongside Best Western Rembrandt Hotel Tokyo Machida and Best Western Tokyo Nishikai.


Japan’s “Snow Country”

Locals In Japan’s 'Snow Country' Treats Niigata Prefecture As Food Refrigerator

Locals in Japan's "Snow Country" see Niigata Prefecture as their natural food refrigerator. The snow in the region gives their vegetables a sweeter flavor while extending their shelf life.


Gellert Bath & Wellness Spa - Budapest Hungary

Five Of The Best Bathhouses In The World

If you think that bathhouses only belong in the past, well, you're wrong. Public bathhouses are still well-loved all of these years, and people really treat them differently than your average public swimming pool. Bathhouses are there in various countries for people to have fun and relieve them of their pain and blood circulation problems.


Tourism Boom In Kyoto

Top Five Best Places To Visit In Kyoto

Kyoto is the gateway to old Japan with its amazing temples and shrines that teaches the beauty of meditation and simplicity.


Hatsune Miku Oishii Trip

Hatsune Miku's New Job: A Guide For Your Next Japanese Food Adventure

The world's most lovable and famous Vocaloid star now is now Japan's foremost culinary tour guide, accompanying and eating with travelers in her newest music video.


Japanese Permanent Residency

Filing For Permanent Residency In Japan Is Now A Lot Easier

Filing for permanent residency in Japan is now a lot easier as the Japanese Ministry of Justice placed into effect a new set of rules that allows foreign workers to become permanent residents for only one year. Before, it would take ten years for foreigners to become a citizen of the country.



Capsule-Shaped Hotel Room Lets Sleeping People Drift To An Island

In a Dutch-themed park in Nagasaki Sasebo, it seemed like it's possible to sleep in a capsule and wake up the next morning in an all-attraction island. Huis Ten Bosch will be developing a new feature where hotel guests can stay in a two-storey sphere capsule drifting to another park.


Japanese Town Transforms Rice Paddy Fields Into Gigantic Works Of Art

Japan Holds Annual Rice Paddy Art Creation

In the village of Inakadate in the northern Aomori Prefecture, locals hold their annual giant rice paddy art made from colorful rice shoots to honor the 2,000-year old rice cultivation of the prefecture as well as to letting people know more about rice agriculture.


Japan Travel Guide

Japan Strikes Again With Funny Signs To Help Confused Tourists

Language and signs are the number one problem tourists have when visiting another country. So, to assist confused foreign travelers to get around Japan, the government made 26 practical, yet, funny signs to help tourists feel more welcomed.


Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival 2017 Lineup Includes Bjork, Aphex Twin, Queens Of The Stone Age

Japan's Fuji Rock Festival for 2017 features a solid line up including fan favorites Bjork and Aphex Twin. Meanwhile, it would be rock act Queens of the Stone Age's first major performance for 2017 -- making great promotion for the band's upcoming album.


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