In Fujikawaguchiko, a town in Japan, officials have installed barriers to block the view of Mount Fuji. This action aims to control the chaos caused by tourists trying to capture the perfect picture of the iconic mountain. 

The issue has become severe enough that a second nearby town, Fuji City, has also taken steps to manage tourist disruptions.

Mount Fuji's View Blocked as Second Town Battles Tourist Issues

(Photo : zhu bin from Pixabay)

Mount Fuji Barriers Combat Tourist Chaos

Mount Fuji, known for its majestic appearance, has always attracted tourists. However, the recent influx has brought problems like traffic disruptions, illegal parking, and even public defecation. 

In response, Fuji City is planning to erect a permanent barrier. The Independent reported that the decision followed incidents where tourists, driven by the desire to get the best photographs, obstructed local traffic and damaged property.

The barriers are a direct reaction to tourists ignoring previous attempts to manage the situation with signs and hired security. These measures proved ineffective, prompting the town to try a more physical approach to deter the problematic behavior. 

A temporary fence is already in place, and a more substantial one is expected by July.

The increase in visitors is attributed to social media influencers who have popularized the spot. According to Miyu Toyama, a local government official, the problems have worsened since a foreign influencer posted images of the bridge in Fuji City. Now, most visitors are foreigners.

Fujikawaguchiko has faced similar challenges. The town previously attempted to use signs and a security guard to manage the crowds but eventually resorted to installing a black mesh screen after other measures failed.

The surge in tourism has been particularly noticeable since Japan lifted pandemic border restrictions. The weakened yen has made the country a more attractive destination, resulting in a significant rise in visitors. 

The Japan National Tourism Organization notes that the number of tourists is expected to exceed pre-pandemic records this year.

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Tourists Poke Holes in Mount Fuji Barrier

In Fujikawaguchiko, a Japanese town famous for its views of Mount Fuji, officials are battling a new challenge. 

Last week, they installed a large black mesh screen to stop tourists from taking pictures and reduce overcrowding. The screen, costing 1.3 million yen (£6,485), stretches 8.2 feet high and 66 feet long.

However, the day after the screen was put up, a hole appeared. 

According to Sky News, officials discovered around ten holes at eye level and perfectly sized for a camera lens by the next morning. These holes suggest that visitors are still determined to capture their photos of Mount Fuji despite the new barrier.

The screen and additional fencing were set up outside a Lawson convenience store, a popular spot where the angle makes Mount Fuji appear as if it's sitting on the store's roof. 

Local residents have voiced concerns about tourists blocking sidewalks and roads or trespassing to get their perfect shot. Despite the setbacks with the holes, local officials believe the net has made some progress in easing the pressure on tourism. 

Overtourism is a growing global issue, prompting many places to implement similar measures to protect their local environments and communities.

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