Bobobox, Indonesia's largest outdoor accommodation provider, plans to expand its operations to Japan and the US. The company, known for its unique sleeping pods and cabins, has seen significant success in Indonesia. This move aims to introduce its budget-friendly and solo female traveler-focused services to two of the world's most developed lodging markets.

(Photo : Screenshot image taken from Bobobox on YouTube)

Bobobox Eyes Expansion into Japan and US Markets

Indonesia's leading outdoor accommodation company, Bobobox, is setting its sights on international expansion. Founded in 2018, Bobobox aims to bring its innovative sleeping pods and cabins, popular among budget-conscious and solo female travelers, to Japan and the US. This move marks a significant step for the company, which has successfully established 32 locations in Indonesia.

According to the South China Morning Post, Bobobox's unique offerings include "Bobocabins" for glamping (glamorous camping) enthusiasts and the "Bobopod," designed for travelers seeking economical options without compromising safety, comfort, and hygiene. The company's decision to expand comes after achieving high occupancy rates in its home market, with Bobopod and Bobocabin averaging 82% and 79% occupancy, respectively, in 2023.

In Japan, Bobobox plans to introduce the Bobopod, targeting a diverse customer base beyond the traditional capsule hotel market, which has typically catered to male and older guests. By offering larger spaces, king-size beds, and privacy, Bobobox aims to attract business and solo travelers with competitive pricing.

The US market presents a different opportunity. With a mature camping industry, Bobobox sees potential in modernizing the sector through digital integration and offering updated camping experiences. The company's expansion will be supported by its core investors, including Horizon Ventures, and funds from its balance sheet.

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Bobobox's expansion into Japan and the US is not just a business growth strategy but also a response to the changing demands in the global travel and accommodation sector. The company's success in Indonesia, coupled with the evolving travel trends worldwide, positions Bobobox to make a significant impact in these new markets.

Bobobox Secured $11.5 Million for Expansion and Improvements

Indonesian startup Bobobox raised $11.5 million in a Series A funding round in 2020. Horizons Ventures and Alpha JWC Ventures led this funding effort. Additionally, Kakao Investments, Sequoia Surge, and Mallorca Investments, both new and existing investors, also contributed.

Bobobox planned to use the funding to enhance its products and expand to more locations. According to co-founder and president Antonius Bong, the company focused on new features and standards to make their services safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included contactless check-in and check-out processes and stricter hygiene measures.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, which has severely impacted Indonesia's travel and hospitality sector, Bobobox has managed to perform relatively well. In March 2020, the occupancy rate of its over 500 pods only dropped to 50-60%, compared to the usual 80%.

Bobobox also aims to expand into other Southeast Asian countries after the pandemic. The company is currently developing new products to create additional revenue streams. Additionally, Bobobox is open to partnerships with various property owners and local governments to speed up its expansion.

Since its last funding announcement in 2019, Bobobox has added new locations in Bandung, Jakarta, and Semarang. The company, founded in 2017, offers capsule rooms with modern amenities starting at $10 per night.

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