Starting June 17 this year, Twilight Express Mizukaze, Japan's newest luxury sleeper train, will commence boarding an operations through the Chugoku region in western Japan. It may not be fast as a bullet train, but guests will be able to experience exclusive comfort and style.

West Japan Railway Company was the one behind this luxurious train project. The 16-car train is constructed just like any opulent hotel, complete with luxury amenities, a suite, a luxurious dining car and even two observation cars, so that guests can have the option of gazing out the views from the outside.

The whole project was announced two years ago, and at long last, reservations for the sleeper train would start next month. Kazuya Ura, designer of Kyoto's Geihinkan, is the leader behind the impressive and luxury design of the whole train; train designer Fukuda Tetsuo was in charge of the train's exterior look, and Takeshi Kadokami helped make the food menu that will be served in the dining car.

So if you're not in a particular hurry to get to your destination, why not give Twilight Express Mizukaze a try? The whole route will connect Kyoto and Osaka via the Shimonoseki port in the Yamaguchi Prefecture.

The whole venture was in part of the country's effort to entice more travelers to visit and explore Japan's western region. The twin rooms start at about $2,400 a night.

A statement on the company's website says: it says: "West Japan has a wealth of regions offering traditional and unspoiled Japanese landscape: the rich history and culture of Kyoto, Matsue, Izumo and Miyajima, and the beautiful natural scenery of the Sea of Japan, Mt. Daisen, and the Seto Inland Sea islands."

"Discover the allure of beautiful Japan from the comfort of a car with the superior quality of a hotel. Breathtaking scenery, exquisite haute cuisine by top-class chefs, sophisticated cars, and charming sights along the route... TWILIGHT EXPRESS MIZUKAZE promises you an exceptional train journey like no other," it adds.