Are you looking for an old-school, unique stay in Japan? Check out Ozu Castle for an overnight stay that's way cooler than your usual hotel.

Ozu Castle is a hotel where you can sleep in a real 14th-century castle where samurai once roamed. It is located in the town of Ozu in Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

At Ozu Castle, the rooms are scattered across different historic buildings-think ancient samurai houses and old-timey merchant homes, each spruced up with all the modern comforts you'd expect.

Here's How You Can Experience Ozu Castle and Stay in a Samurai Fortress
Ozu Castle, Japan
(Photo : Carpkazu on Wikimedia Commons)

This spot is perfect if you're into history, love exploring different cultures, or just want to escape the city grind in style. But, how can you experience this unique hotel and stay in a samurai fortress? Let's read on!

Checking In: Your Samurai Stay at Ozu Castle

So, how do you kick off your samurai getaway at Ozu Castle? First up, check into Ozu Castle itself. Yep, you get to sleep in a piece of Japanese history. The castle, a four-tiered fortress from the 14th century, shifts from museum by day to an exclusive lodge by night. 

As evening falls, the staff, dressed in traditional garb, welcome you into a world that feels centuries away. Your night starts with a private tour filled with secrets of the samurai past, followed by slipping into a kimono or samurai armor for dinner.

A Night to Remember

As dusk turns to dark, Ozu Castle takes the historical experience up a notch. You'll be treated to traditional performances, maybe some gagaku music or a spirited kagura dance, all under the soft glow of torchlight against the ancient stones. 

Dinner is a grand affair at the Koran Turret-once a strategic spot for the castle's lords-now serving up a feast that mirrors the local culinary history. After a sumptuous meal, you'll head to the main keep where comfortable futons await in the heart of the castle, setting the stage for a dreamy night steeped in history.

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Morning in the Fortress

Waking up in Ozu Castle feels like no other morning. Breakfast is served at Garyu Sanso, the on-site teahouse that boasts stunning river views. This peaceful meal not only pleases your taste buds with traditional Japanese flavors but also soothes your soul with its serene setting. 

Post breakfast, take a guided stroll through the historic town, visiting other parts of your "scattered hotel." Every building you explore has been preserved with the utmost care, letting you appreciate the architectural genius and historical depth even more.

Here's How You Can Experience Ozu Castle and Stay in a Samurai Fortress
Garyu Sanso
(Photo :… on Wikimedia Commons)

Explore Like a Local

Staying at Ozu Castle also means you've got the perfect base to wander the "little Kyoto" of Ozu. The town is small enough to cover on foot, rich in spots like the old merchant quarter now buzzing with cafes and shops in neatly restored storehouses. 

Cruise down the Hiji River to see the town from a fresh angle or pick up unique local crafts like Tobe pottery or Iyo Washi paper, perfect for souvenirs. Every corner of Ozu tells part of the story, making your walks between historical sites as enriching as the sites themselves.

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