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Launtau Island: The Things You Could Do In Hong Kong's Greenest Island

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Updated: Jun 09, 2017 09:01 AM EDT

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Hong Kong is known to the tourists as the city with a heavy traffic from time to time. Tourists crossing in the country's Lantau Island could also impose a challenge but not because of the traffic.

In a post published by Eats And Retreats, tourists might encounter wild cows and water buffaloes wandering the streets of Lantau Island in Hongkong. This is different from the ultra-modern and crowded streets of Hong Kong but it's a fresh breath for tourists looking to have a different perspective of the famous city.

Tourists planning a trip to Lantau Island would see first the massive 112-foot-tall Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, and the Hong Kong Disneyland. But don't be limited by these usual attractions of Hong Kong as Lantau is home to a few big-ticket tourist attractions.

Dubbed by many as "The Lungs of Hong Kong," Lantau Island is seen with its mountainous terrain and long sandy stretches of coastline. The island is also double the size of the mainland Hong Kong that houses the territory's largest park, covering nearly half of the island.

Lantau Island is also home to 1,000 animals, in fact, there are more cattle than cabs here. It would be worth spending one's time on the island with its hidden waterfalls, fishing villages, laid-back lifestyle, and surf bars.

According to CNN International, a tourist in Lantau Island could skate, shop, hike, dip in the secluded waterfalls and live in a tent. Not only that, tourists could actually see pink dolphins swimming in the sea.

For skaters, Mavericks located at Pui O beach offers a chillspot for them to hang out. The place is sandwiched between mountains and paddy fields and it sees a mix of not only skaters but also sunbathers and surfers. The food in Mavericks could also capture hearts of the tourists with their tamarind chicken wings, chili cheese fries, bangers and mash.

Tourists could also go to the town of Lantau Island and shop till they drop. What could be more convenient in this town compared to the heart of Hong Kong is its freedom from vehicles and crowded streets. Cyclists could take their bike on the road and they would not worry about a bus or a private car hitting them.

But what makes Lantau Island very attractive to tourists is the presence of pink dolphins. These dolphins are not only seen in the Amazons but also in the coast of Hong Kong, where tourists could get a chance to see these rare mammals.

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