When visiting Paris, most people go to the Louvre and the iconic Eiffel Tower. But Paris is more than that, as its parks, like the Promenade Plantee, offer travelers a breath of fresh air in this well-loved city.

Atlas Obscura describes Promenade Plantee as a magical park with green stroll 10 meters elevated from the street. This park in Paris begins at the Bastille and goes through the 12th arrondissement for three miles, coming out before the Bois de Vincennes.

In an article published in The Guardian, residents of Paris first thought that Promenade Plantee is a waste of money when it was made back in 1993. Before it became a cherished landmark for its residents and tourists, it was a long-abandoned mid-19th-century viaduct.

The starting point of Promenade Plantee is the crossroads at Rue de Lyon and Daumesnil Avenue, with staircases and lifts along the route. This spot is a perfect one to check out another Paris' treasure, the Viaduc des Arts -- 45 brick archways transformed into artisan showrooms ranging from violin-makers to glass blowers and jewelers to furniture and tapestry restorers.

This is also considered as a hidden gem in Paris since most people down at the street level don't realize that the walkway of Promenade Plantee could offer them the spectacular view of city panorama across Parisian rooftops. At one point, a modern building splits in two with the walkway in between, while there's a long, wobbly cable footbridge that stretches across the Jardin de Reuilly.

The elevated section of Promenade Plantee is the perfect spot in Paris for people using bikes, rollerblades, and skateboards as the elevated area is more friendly to them compared to the other lanes. Tourists would also see the Jardin Charles Peguy, the tree-lined corridor that passes through old railways tunnels before ending at another park.