Looks like United Airlines cannot start to clean up their name again after the numerous scandals they had this year. A violinist from the University of Memphis reported that she was attacked by one of an agent of the airlines for bringing her violin onboard.

In an article published by Dallas News, Yennifer Correia told the press that she was at Bush Airport in Houston catching a flight with United Airlines to play with the Missouri Symphony Orchestra. Correia received an artist diploma from the University of Memphis.

When she was on the United Airlines plane, a supervisor told her that she had to check her violin. Correia refused to check in her violin, believing that it should not be a problem on the plane.When the supervisor heard Correia refusing to follow her order, this is when the scandal happened.

In an article published by The Star, the supervisor from the United Airlines allegedly threw herself on top of the suitcase after Correia told her that she will not check in her violin and asked her name instead. The supervisor also threatened to call airport security then walked away from the scene.

"I start screaming 'Help, help, help, can somebody record what's happening because this lady's trying to take my personal suitcase from me," Correia said. The violin that the United Airlines agent tried to take away is not just a simple violin but a 17th-century violin that's going to be used in a huge orchestra event.

United Airlines issued a statement regarding this matter, saying that they regret disappointing Correia with her experience in the flight. The statement reads that they are disappointed any time a customer has an experience that does not live up to his or her expectations. The airline is now reaching out to Ms. Correia to gain a better understanding of what occurred and to offer assistance.