The top Middle East-based airlines will now add more flights to one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. Emirates and Qatar Airways will operate additional flights to Bali this July.

According to an article published in The Jakarta Post, Emirates and Qatar Airways will add more flights to the tropical paradise of Indonesia starting July.

"Qatar Airways and Emirates have made sure to add one flight each to Bali in July," I Gde Pitana, Indonesia's Tourism Ministry's deputy for overseas promotion, said.

On July 2, Emirates will officially have two more daily flights to Bali from Dubai. Meanwhile, Qatar Airways will have one additional flight to Bali from Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

In an article published by Asia One, Emirates has only one flight to Bali before this announcement. Meanwhile, Qatar only had two flights to Bali from Doha before.

Moreover, Emirates will also offer its passengers some special travel packages for those who are interested in visiting the Island of the Gods in Bali.

"As part of the agreement, Qatar Airways is asking for Wonderful Indonesia promotional videos as a promotional tool and a list of high-end properties and accommodation since Indonesia is included in the top five prime destinations for tourists from the Middle East," Ni Niscaya, the ministry's deputy assistant for Europe, the United States, Middle East and Africa tourism promotion, has said.

This move is celebrated among tourists who wants to go to Bali and experience flight from the top tier airlines in the world. Last May 28, Qatar Airways was named as the "Best Airline Innovation" at this year;s Telegraph Ultratravel Awards while Emirates was declared as the "Best Airline" at the same award giving body this year.