As a way of protecting vulnerable children in Southeast Asia from possible exploitation, Australia is planning to ban convicted pedophiles from traveling overseas. The planned action was announced last Tuesday to the Australian press.

Tourists from Australia may be known as one of the friendliest around the world, but it's a different story when it comes to Australian pedophiles. In an article published in ABC, these pedophiles are notoriously known for having inexpensive vacations in nearby Southeast Asian and Pacific Island countries to exploit and sexually harass children.

Australia's Foreign MinisterJulie Bishop said that she would cancel the passports of around 20,000 convicted pedophiles that were listed in the national child sex offender register under legislation that wold be presented to the country's Parliament soon.

"There has been increasing community concern about sexual exploitation of vulnerable children and community concern is justified," Bishop said.

In an article published in Sun Star, there are almost 800 registered sex offenders in Australia that have traveled overseas last year. Bishop revealed that half of these registered sex offenders went to various Southeast Asian countries.

"There will be new legislation which will make Australia a world leader in protecting vulnerable children in our region from child sex tourism," Bishop added.

The country's Justice Minister Michael Keenan said no country has a travel ban like that yet. There are 2,500 new convicted pedophiles that would be added to the sex offender register annually and they have the chances of losing their passports.

The action of banning sex offenders is not the first time that Australia tried to seize down the illegal sex trade among their citizens and the vulnerable victims such as children. The country also attempted to crack down child sex tourists by adding a new criminal offense punishable by up to 25 years in prison for Australian citizens or residents who have molested children overseas.