The urban city of Dallas, Texas is going to be a lot greener with a planned nature district that would come true sooner. The proposed park just received a $50 million donation from the widow of billionaire Harold Simmons.

In an article published in Dallas News, the city of Dallas is building a 10,000-acre nature district along the Trinity River. This nature district is said to be 11 times as large as Manhattan's huge Central Park.

The urban park in Dallas will feature plenty of walkways, sports fields, trees, and other flora. Once completed, this site would become one of the largest urban parks in America.

Last late October, Annette Simmons donated $50 million towards the 285 acres of the ongoing project in Dallas. Annette is the widow of the billionaire Harold Simmons.

The urban park project in Dallas is set to be completed by 2021 and would cost $250 million. A portion of the park would be called the Harold Simmons Park, after the billionaire. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said that he is still expecting other private donations to fund the rest of the Harold Simmons Park.

In an article published by MSN, Harold Simmons is described as the man who built his corporate empire from nothing. Simmons, who died at age 82 last 2013, donated a huge amount to the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas.

Forbes has reported that Simmons is worth $10 billion and ranked as the 40th wealthiest American. His widow Annette said that her late husband is a nature lover and he helped as the citizens of Dallas in the best way he can.

"This gift will begin the creation of a great public space in our city (Dallas) that will be a place to gather, to enjoy nature and promote health and well-being," she said in a news release. Annette added that she cannot think of a more lasting and meaningful way to honor Harold's memory and legacy.