Infamous conservative TV personality Tomi Lahren was supposed to be a victim of an inconvenient service by Alaska Airlines, but the Internet did not think so. The "unintentional" misspelling of Lahren by the airline's official Twitter account became viral as people started following the trend of ridiculing her name.

In an article published by Huffington Post, Lahren tweeted to the Alaska Airlines' official Twitter account, telling her followers that the former host of The Blaze that she had a bad time at one of the airlines' plane. She said that the "most dysfunctional airline award" goes to the Alaska Airlines.

The official Twitter account of Alaska Airlines replied to her tweet, asking her for full details. Ryan, who represented the Twitter account, called her "Tami" instead of her real first name "Tomi".

In a blog post published by Perez Hilton, a series of tweet ridiculing Lahren's name flooded on Twitter after Ryan of Alaska Airlines "accidentally" called her name wrong. Names like Tammy, Toni, and Toni were called to Lahren as a continuation of ridiculing her.

Some even showed support to Alaska Airlines for this honest mistake to Lahren. Some Twitter users claimed that they are now going to fly with the airlines after they ridiculed her.

The origination of Lahren being called "Tami" came from American rapper Wale after making a diss song about her. Of course, Wale did not miss the opportunity of witnessing people following his trend of poking fun at the infamous American commentator. He even supported people calling Ryan of Alaska Airlines a "hero" for making fun of her name.

Alaska Airlines replied to correct the mistake they have committed to Lahren. Andre of the airlines said that calling her "Tami" is just a mistake and they apologized for it.

Of course, none from the Internet is praising Andre of Alaska Airlines for what he did. Some said that the airlines should only be operated by Ryan for throwing shade at Lahren.