A new development regarding the infamous Fyre Festival has unveiled as leaked emails shows that the event is doomed in the first place from cutting out basic necessities like the number of toilet and shower trailers in the island. The organizers were also revelead to skimping on bare necessities like toilet paper.

In a series of email leaked on Mic, less than a month before the Fyre Festival launch, executive producer Lyly Villanueva sent an email to senior staff including co-founder Bill McFarland. In the email, she warned staff the cost of getting the recommended number of toilet trailers to the island.

In the email, she said that that the recommended number of toilet trailers for the Fyre Festival is 18 to 20 trailers that would hold around 125 toilet stalls, accommodating approximatelty 2,500 people.

"These were equations given to us by bathroom providers and confirmed via my own research and experience," she wrote in the email.

Fyre Festival Media president Conall Arora replied that if they will cut it in half, "[they] would just have double the line wait." Citing some sites, Arora even wrote thar they could "get away with 75 toilets" and could save money if they will sub in port a potties.

Independent also reported that one week ahead of the Fyre Festival, consultant Marc Weinstein wrote in an email with the subject "***DO NOT IGNORE*** HOUSING UPDATE & ACTION ITEMS FOR YOU" that there would not be enough housing for an estimated 593 attendees, staff and vendors. He suggested renting a cruise ship as a last minute solution. He also proposed on dismissing 130 staff members and some of the social media influencers and people who paid the lowest to the second weekend of the festival.

Chief marketi ng officer of the Fyre Festival, Grant Margolin, replied to the email, saying that bumped customers would get an upgrade to villa housing. However, there has been no evidence that those villas even existed in the first place.

Five days before guests arrive at Fyre Festival, Weinstein suggested an outreach campaign after speaking "even to the low level influencers" who he said has to get their own rooms at private villas on the beach. He also admitted that the villas that were proposed before don't exist at all.

Currently, organizers of Fyre Festival, including founders McFarland and Ja Rule, face lawsuits alleging fraud and breach of contract from the frustrated guests. Fyre Festival was described as a "Hunger Game and Lord of Flies music festival" for unfulfilling its promise of bringing fun to the people through music, food, and tropical relaxation.