Looks like Changi Airport of Singapore will keep its title as the world's best airport with a new extension project. Airports are often places to kill a couple of hours during transit and this airport in Singapore will make tourists want to hang out a little longer.

According to Mashable, Changi Airport just released a teaser footage of their planned extension called the Jewel complex. It will feature a 134,000-square meter mall that will be open to the public by 2019.

How large is this Jewel complex in Changi Airport? It would be approximately the same size of 33 American football fields.

Based on the teaser released by Changi Airport, it looks like it's really worth the wait. Besides the numerous shops and restaurants, the new Changi Airport mall will also include walking trails and indoor gardens for nature lovers.

The top floor of the proposed extension by Changi Airport is composed of two 500-square meter mazes.

The maze inside Changi Airport is going to be designed by Adrian Fisher, a renowned UK maze designer. According to Tech Investor News, the maze will be made of hedges and the other maze is composed of a series of mirrors.

Moreover, there's going to be large bouncy nets at the Changi Airport stretch across the top floor, which is going to be designed by French trampoline park maker Chien Noir. This is also going to offer a walking path with a five-storey look down.

For passengers who want to have a full view of everything, Changi Airport will also install a glass-floored canopy bridge about five stories above ground that's connected to an indoor forest. Changi Airport also said that this bridge is the best vantage point if one would want to see the amazing 40-meter-high Rain Vortex.