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Strange Laws

Watch Out For These Bizarre Laws Around The World That Will Get You In Trouble

Some places have unusual mandated laws. This is why tourists must acquaint themselves with it before immersing themselves in whatever the place has to offer.


Can Singapore's Changi Airport stay number one?

Singapore's Changi Airport Extension To Feature Giant Malls, Gardens, Mazes

The world's best airport is preparing something big for its passengers.


Scenes Of Singapore

Discover Singapore’s Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations That Makes It A City That Has It All

Singapore highlighted its top green spots as your next travel destinations.


Singapore Emotion Travel Guide

Singapore Tailors Travel Guide Based On Emotions With Headsets

Scientists have created a device to record a person's emotional response in each experience so that future travelers can tailor their travel plans according to their emotions.


India is a top market for cruising from Singapore with double digit growth

Singapore Names India As Top Market For Cruise Holiday

India is Singapore's largest market for their cruise tours after reports show an increasing interest of Indian nationals to travel to the famed Lion Country.


Tony Pet Hotel Caters To Pampered Pooches

Five Of The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels In Singapore

Travelling to Singapore with your pets but having a hard time looking for a place to stay at? Here are some of the best pet-friendly hotels in Singapore that you must try.


Cat Cafe

Five Cat Cafes In Singapore Animal Lovers Must Not Miss

Do you love cats? You can cozy up and eat your desserts in these five cat cafes in Singapore. These cafes let you pet, play and learn all about the story of each cats living in the establishments. Travelers Today also get to find out how the owners rescued some of their feline friends on the streets.


Chinese and Japanese Gardens

Five Nature Spots To Visit In Singapore

Singapore is famous for its cityscapes and modern life. However, the country is not without its natural parks and reserves as well. It serves as a welcoming respite from the busy state of the city. Singapore has four nature reserves, 59 parks, 271 neighborhood parks and 63 park connectors, according to Fun in Singapore.


Daily Life In Pyongyang

From Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia & North Korea Bizarre Travel Laws: Everything Travelers Need To Follow

Learn what to know about traveling to Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Nother Korea and their bizarre travel laws.


Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

Singapore To Build Four Mega Childcare Centers in 2018

Making the country more child-friendly, Singapore plans to build additional children's centers this year, which will conclude by the second half of 2018.


Singapore Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Top 5 Travel Updates From Singapore; From Passports To New Parks

Heads up! A lot of things are developing around Singapore to serve locals and tourists alike for the better. Here are clips and bits about the country.


Chinatown In Singapore- Shopping Souvenirs

China In Singapore; Experience The Chinese Culture In A Different Land

Singapore’s Chinatown has always been a good destination for tourists. Check out and see how the cultures of China and Singapore blended in one place.


Platform 1094

Singapore Serves Harry Potter's Goblet Of Fire

In Singapore, you’re not going to Platform 9 ¾ to the wizarding world of Harry Potter, but rather, you take the route to Platform 1094. It’s the newest Harry Potter themed restaurant where local muggles get to taste dishes featured in the books and movies.


Thermal Screening Is Used To Check Passengers For SARS In Singapore

Changi Airport Launches Living Lab To Future Proof The Airport

The airport of the future seems to take place initially from Changi Aiport. Aside from robots mapping the floor, here are other innovations that you can see in the airport in the near future.


Cups N Canvas

Five Best Destinations And New Hobbies To Learn In Singapore

New Year means a new hobby. If you couldn’t wait until summer to find the right hobby class for you in Singapore then we’ll list them here for you.


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