From Saudi Arabia to Malaysia, North Korea and Singapore, these are really the most exciting places to visit these days. Each of them offers the best picturesque sceneries, stunning beaches, adventurous mountains, and history-rich attractions. Hence, here are the most notable laws travelers' needs to learn to enjoy them all to avoid being jailed or getting deported.

In visiting Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, Daily Mail brings the best advice to avoid breaking any of their bizarre laws every traveler must know. Starting with Middle East's best, it's definitely a no-no for this country to consume alcohol and take pictures of women in public.

Saudi Arabia's strict rules for women are from their patriarchal culture, women need to follow men in general. This must be taken into consideration by anyone wanting to the see its amazing architectural buildings like Masjid Al Nabawi and Kingdom Centre skyscraper.

In the same report, it also tackles about Malaysia's unusual law about their floras and faunas. This refers to nature's gift, there's neither picking of flowers nor bringing home animals without Malaysian government's permission. If it is proven that a traveler broke this law, they can be demanded to pay big fines or else deported back in their country.

On the other hand, World Atlas also shares about Singapore's strict laws on jaywalking and littering. In here travelers should really cross the street and throw thrashes on their right places. Big fines and jail time will be the consequences for those who will not pay attention to it.

For North Korea, highlights this country's odd travel laws about privacy, camera, and luggage. Initially, be wary that there's no privacy in traveling to this latest tourist hub!

In all, everything about the travelers will be watched closely by military men this is also related to their baggage and cell phones. Bag content and picture taking also have limitations in this stricter side of Korea.