With Belgium's fourth largest city, any traveler will agree that it's incredibly one of Europe's secret gems. There's just so much to love about Ghent! It's considerably the most amazing quaint side of the continent. Hence, here's an ultimate guide to traveling it from the locals 'pick of restaurants to impressive destinations, and fabulous things to do.

In a report by Independent, it shares the best of local's pick about Ghent's travel guide. The list below makes the ultimate help from them, experience its splendid history and adventures like no other than a self-made Belgium person.

Galerie Ganache is for the sweet-tooth vacationers! Enjoy Ghent's famous Belgium chocolates with an artistic twist. From boxed mouthwatering confections to delicate plate servings, it will really be unforgettable for anyone. For Ghent travel local shopping style, it's all about Piet Moodshop. They say here that when you enter you can't leave without any purchase.

In addition, Lonely Planet helps about the best things to see more in Ghent. This will surely add more to the ultimate guide to traveling the city.

Beginning with strolling to the Adoration of Mystic Lamb to Patershol, MSK, Botanical Gardens, Grasburg, Huis Van Alijn, Werregarensteeg, Stadhuis, Belfort, and more Ghent can literally swamp a person to tiredness. In fact, all attractions are only half of more to see in the place that's why traveling here is really fun.

For more of things to do in Ghent, TripAdvisor's Belgium guide will complete the ultimate list of travel tips. It includes nightlife, outdoor adventures, and more to definitely try in this place.

To conclude everything, the vacationer's must-try touring Ghent and the best way to do it can be either on boat or bike. Try out Cyclo Tim, Le Grand Huit, Yachtcharter Gent, and Jog-Tours. While going to Dulle Giet, Hot Club Gent and Limonada can explosively end the night on this other side of Europe.