When looking for a nice place to eat, having the best chefs in the world would sometimes add more to its high value. Now, it's definitely cheaper! Find out where are the most amazing restaurants that sell cheapest for the best value. They even have Michelin-Starred Chefs and gastronomic menus to boot and the food usually come within $2 only.

Searching for a place where a traveler's $2 can get a Michelin-Starred dish? Indeed, Independent list down the three best restaurants which has the both. Get world-class dishes for the cheapest prices in these amazing foodie destinations to try.

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle - Singapore's first ever Michelin-Starred bargain restaurant worth to try by Chef Chan Hong Meng. With just $2, a vacationer can try their soy sauce chicken and rice signature.It's surely one of the best as anyone still needs to work away from two to three hours before tasting the sumptuous meal. For those who might search for it in China Town Hawker, it just recently moved to another place which has more presentable and airy accommodation for more people. 

Tim Ho Wan - this is now Hong Kong's own version of the Michelin-Starred restaurant. For an affordable price of $25 for two servings of the original oriental dim sum, it's already the cheapest yet a world class food.Travelers wanting to try, there must try are the big 4 heavenly king and local delights. Although their dishes actually range from rice to vermicelli rolls, there is really so much to try in a bargain price.

Uncle Boons - vacationers often think that New York is a really expensive city, in spite, it also has one of the cheapest Michelin-Starred restaurants to boot. One of them is Manhattan's Uncle Boons. It technically specializes in Thai dishes from sizzles to bone marrow satays. To think that $2 is already the cheapest? Try their really massive plate of servings for $12 to $25.