The shock of election and now the inauguration of the new President Donald Trump clearly made waves all over the US. Surely, even the American travel industry's dangerously affected by it but travelers mustn't despair. Because there are still places that are Trump-Free! See where they are and enjoy the still solid holiday vibe without politic influence.

According to the latest news, Donald Trump had remarkably scared a lot of travelers planning to see the beauty of America. Though, Independent makes way for the vacationers to still experience the splendor of the country's history and culture! It lists down places they can go and visit.

As a Trump-Free location, Illinois is America's one of the top states that garnered huge Democrat votes. What to see here? Indeed, TripAdvisor lists them down for everyone. Starting from Cloud Gate to Millennium Park, tourists can stroll around the city. Whereas seeing Macy's, Marquette Building, Carthage Jail, Executive Mansion, Adler Planetarium, Museum of Science, Filed of Museum, and Soldier Field are also a good way to explore the place. The tourist destination also provides river tours and bus tours, while biking is also acceptable to visit the most stunning attractions in the area.

Next on the Trump-Free List is San Francisco, California! Again it's on the top three where most people are a Democrat. In here, US News highlights the best things to do. Remarkably, the Golden Gate Bridge is the most famous in here, although a visit to Alcatraz Island, Fisherman's Wharf, Mission District, and Twin Peaks can also be arranged. Another way to admire the beauty of this tourist hub is by getting on its cable cars and spending time on Union Square, Palace of Fine Arts, and Muir Woods National Park.

To conclude, travelers don't need to stay far from America. There are still Trump-Free locations where they can have grand vacations.