Since the beginning, Japan had been widely known for its wide array of colorful and mouthwatering flavors of KitKat chocolates. In fact, many American tourists hope that their US counterpart would also launch the same! After a long time of waiting, Hershey's finally answered! Find out here how the two countries are now creating sweets hype all over the world.

When visiting other countries, it's inevitable to seek for the most distinct experience ever and it mostly lay on food and attractions. Hence, Japan brings the best of their nation by offering travelers their wide array of flavorsome KitKat confections. According to CNN, there are now about 300 varying seasons in the country which many locals and foreign enjoy on shops and eateries.

KitKat's popularity in Japan isn't only a hype of its Adsuki bean, Apple, Butter, Chili, Green Tea, Matcha, and more flavor kinds. It's just simply been incorporated on the "gifting-giving" tradition by its locals since before. When students are supposed to take a test, "kitto katsu" or KitKat are given which means "surely win."

After Japan's remarkable KitKat crazy tradition, many American are now celebrating their version of the chocolate's hype. In a report by TeenVogue, it shares about Hershey's Red Velvet minis which will be available for the coming Valentines season only. 

"I don't usually eat Kit Kats, but I enjoyed the new flavor. I like white chocolate, and although they were a bit sweet, they reminded me of a candy I would have been drawn to as a child." Senior Female Reporter Erica Tempesta discussed the US' Hershey KitKat flavor. Supposedly, the chocolate will come out in minis only which the tag line depicts as "with the rich taste of red velvet." Lastly, this creates the big wonder as many who tried it didn't expect it to be white and brownish far away from the flavor culture it features.