When traveling, new feats are a must! Surely, Philippine's Guimaras will bring this to any vacationer. From the world's sweetest mangoes to its emerald green waters covered with stunning coral reefs, anyone will fall one love in this secret paradise. Hence, here are more about the best things to do here and the nicest things to see.

In TripAdvisor, it heavily suggests the best things-to-do in Guimaras' beautiful coastal and rugged mountainous areas. There's so much fun new adventures travelers can literally try here! Starting from strolling to caving its thirteen different sights and landmarks, travelers can visit some which are Guisi Lighthouse, Balaan Bukid, Baliran Cave, and Sad-sad Falls.

In addition, travelers' must-experience in here totally is its amazing mangoes and marine life sanctuary. At the moment, the Philippine's DENR officials recently spotted 70 hectares of thriving coral reefs in the area. Specifically, it's currently divided into two zones which are for research and eco-tourism. And the last is for any vacationer hoping for a good swim with offbeat marine life; it's clearly a nice place to experience the waters.

While marine life is something nice to see, another of the five senses can be quenched by the island's sweetest fruit. "To celebrate its sweet and bountiful harvest, Guimaras holds the Manggahan Festival every May, peaking in the third week," and this month is nearing now! This festival remarkably celebrates a month-long of harvest thanksgiving. The most-awaited event is Mango-All-You-Can offerings from just 100php that can last long for 30 minutes of eating.

To conclude, Philippine's Guimaras travel can bring any traveler to any new level of fresh cultural immersion. The island's beauty is just a plus from all the excitement they can get from all the things they can do here.