With the recent boom of the travel industry, lesser-known destinations are being discovered today. In essence, Portugal's breathtaking islands of Azores receive quite an attention for being as "Hawaii of the Atlantic." It's nine mysterious lands are truly fantastical, lost in the deep seas along its mountain hinges the untouched place will make a satisfying mark for any traveler.

According to the Telegraph, the volcanic similarity of Hawaii and Azores makes the two comparable although their own classic beauties can hold a candle with each other. Notably, the latter is more rugged and wild! 

Supposedly, no one who hears about its picturesque landscapes, dazzling blue-emerald waters, and stunning towns can stop from adding it to their bucket list. The new booming tourist site is a really must-see secret Atlantic getaway!

In addition, Popsugar shares interesting reasons why Europe's very own Hawaii should immediately be listed in many travelers' vacation plans. First thing, Azores' nine islands can surely bring any camera to use. Each of them brings different views from the highest point to cosmopolitan life; they are just simply great for any photo op.

Next, adventurous vacationers will really enjoy traipsing down and up the muscular lands of the place. Surely, the stunning meeting of land and water will keep any hiker to his ultimate mission of reaching the top.

For those wondering how to get in this place, the Guardian generously shared how to do it. Accordingly, Azores can be reached solely by the budget-friendly airlines of easyJet and Ryanair, they will be landing in Sao Miguel which is the most notable Azorean urbane city. From there easy accommodation and lodging sites are open for many tourists, then guides and tours can also be arranged in the island.

In all, the timeless beauty of Europe's Azores Islands can really be the next Hawaii in the making. Surely, it will only take a while for it to happen in this Portugal's paradise.