In flying travelers experience a lot of things, most of them occur between passengers. More so, these people are really annoying! And, it's really hard to get along with them even for a short period of time. Hence, this list is a compilation of every type of irritating people in flight, remarkably a number of how-to are included to make the best of each possible interaction with them.

For starters, Cheat Sheet and Daily Mail share two of the most annoying people in flight and how to deal with them. Surely, each fly now will never be bothersome with these tips.

Rear Seat-Kickers- surely, no one wants to spend the whole time in the sky with a person stomping at your back. How to deal with it? Make a respectful note for them to stop it and say thank you afterward.

Inattentive Parents- most of the time, this kind of parent would just allow their children to either roam around or chatter loudly. It's surely a bother for everyone else, and this can be addressed by calling a flight attendant to tell the parents about them.

In addition, Huffington Post and Refinery29 take a time to suggest to how to avoid conflict with most of the annoying types of people in flight. Definitely, there's no need brutally bang the other person! There are tips to make any flight a better one.

Oversharer- these are the people who get to talk nonstop with their seatmate while in flight. Considerably, long flights would make the worst of this situation; to stop it; the traveler can honestly tell the person if he can have the time for himself.

Leaner - each passenger has their own place seat but some people just don't get it. For any flier who wants to address this, a good push enough though if it's worse a good a talk with an attendant is the best.