In the list of the trending places to travel this year, Barcelona's neighborhood ranks high. Undeniably, swarming vacationers will enjoy strolling around its promenade while its amazing structures, mouthwatering cuisine, and other thrilling adventures await them. There are just so much to expect from this tourist haven, everything seems to be collated and put into this one destination for everyone to see and enjoy.

According to Travel + Leisure, Barcelona's neighborhood "The once-scruffy and freewheeling city by the sea may have polished up its act, but it hasn't lost its edge." Long before this place is just known a mystical place of beauty where the sea and mountain meets. 

What to expect in the place? As the cosmopolitan of Spain region, vacationers never fail to be amazed on its iconic architecture buildings. It's not surprising because Sagrada Familia Church is Barcelona's crown, though it's not the last of what to enjoy in the city.

In addition, the Telegraph shares exciting information about notable unexplored places and activities for everyone. For those looking for a breathing place, they can literally have a nice one in Barcelona! No one can expect that it's actually one of Europe's greenest cities. Moreover, locals have hearts for animals! It's connected with the greenery because animals have their own parks to enjoy.

Likewise, Huffington Post lists best things about it. And the top rankers are here. Starting with unexpected delicious local Tapas, which are a must, simply there's nothing like its cold cuts anywhere in the world. Finally, going on Games of Thrones filming location hunting trip is also an excellent way to appreciate the place. In the last sixth season, it featured Catell de Santa Florentina where Samwell Tarly seemingly lived.

In all, no one should expect less with Barcelona's neighborhood! It's a home of 9 UNESCO Heritage sites for nothing. For more travel destinations, stay tuned in Travelers Today.