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Cliffside towns

LOOK: The Most Stunning Cliff-Side Villages On Earth

Feast your eyes on these picturesque towns nestled on the edge of a cliff. With views ranging from vibrant-colored houses to deep blue waters, these places will undoubtedly charm their way into your heart.


Thailand Boasts Top Resorts

Thailand, Bali, Orlando Summer Trip Cheaper Than Summer In Spain, Ibiza

A travel site said that a trip to Thailand, Bali, or Orlando would be cheaper for a family than a trip to Spain.


Children in Halloween Costumes Stand Near Bon Fire

Spanish Village Excommunicated By The Church Celebrates Witchcraft Festival

Trasmoz was excommunicated by the Catholic Church and got cursed by a monk centuries ago. Now, it holds an annual witchcraft festival and embraces its identity in the hopes to boost tourism of the town.


Barcelona Tourist Hot Spots As Its Popularity Continues To Grow

Barcelona Aims To Discourage Tourism; Tells Tourists Not To Come Back

Despite the revenue it contributes in the economy of the city, Barcelona now seeks to prevent foreign tourists from visiting in order to make way for the local inhabitants of the Catalonia region’s capital city.


Sagrada Familia Enters Final Construction Phase

A Guide To Gaudi's Barcelona: Five Spots You Must Not Miss

Barcelona is basically the top pick in Spain when it comes to stunning architectural pieces. And these architectural structures will never be the same without Spain’s most celebrated architect – Antoni Gaudi.


Pablo Picasso Museum Press Preview In Paris

Five Must-See Places in Barcelona

Travelling to Spain will never be complete without a tour to the great city of Barcelona. Here is a guide on the must-see sites for your trip to Barcelona.


Urueña Villa del Libro

Spain Town Has 12 Bookstores For Less Than 200 People

One medieval town in Spain has devoted themselves to books - reading, writing, and binding them. In fact, there are 12 bookstores for less than 200 people in Urueña, which has now become to be known as Villa del Libro, or a town of books.


Works at Atapuerca Archeological Site

From King Solomon’s Mine To Treasure Hunt App In London, 2017 Is Good Year For Archaeology

Archaeologists will find more interesting dig ups this year and would like the public to know more of their history and culture. More expeditions and creative initiatives have 2017 say it's the year of archaeology.


Barcelona Tourist Hot Spots As Its Popularity Continues To Grow

Barcelona Can’t Accommodate More Tourists; City To Lessen Number Of Travelers

Tourists visit Gaudi's Park Guell on July 11, 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. As traders of 'La Boqueria' complain about tour groups getting in the way of their real customers, Barcelona's authorities are debating how to control the number of tourists in the city as an estimated 10 million people are due to visit this year.


Running Through: Barcelona | DJI Osmo Mobile

Traveling Barcelona’s Neighborhood, What To Expect?

Going for trip to Barcelona? Expect a lot to see and enjoy in Spain's cosmopolitan area! Read more about it here.



700 Year Old Alhambra Palace Secrets Revealed

Discover some of the secrets of the 700 year old Muslim palace, the Alhambra in Granada, Spain.


ASSASSIN'S CREED Movie Behind the Scene (2016)

Top 5 Locations That Made ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Film Possible

The 2016 film adaptation of the game ‘Assassin’s Creed’ was shot in 3 countries. Follow the top 5 locations that brought life 16th Century Spain back to life.


5 Of The Most Expensive Restaurants!

The Best Historic Restaurants In Madrid, Spain

Find the best traditional and historic restaurants in Madrid, where you can taste the flavors of the local cuisine in an authentic environment


Spanish Tapas Platter Recipe!

Must Try Restaurants Serving The Best Tapas In Seville, Spain

Although known for having great cuisine, not all places in Seville manage to serve the best tapas. Save your roaming time in Seville in search of great Tapas, and just head straight to La azotea, puratsca, cruo and canabota and enjoy your tapas.


Els Enfarinats

Spain Celebrates 200-Year-Old Festival By Throwing Eggs and Flour At Each Other

Spain knows how to celebrate their festivals by having some major food fights.


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