Many cities are situated on cliffs for numerous reasons. In the past, it was a practical way for defense since the city overlooks the sea surrounding it.

Now, though, people enjoy it mainly because of the perfect, scenic view that if offers. In many cliffside towns, houses play a stark contrast to the vibrant waters that hit the steep hills.

Here are a few towns built on the side of a cliff that you can visit.

Positano, Italy

Arguably one of the most popular cliffside towns on the planet, this scenic village in the Amalfi Coast will surely make anyone's adventurer heart flutter.

Here, travelers can enjoy its steep flights of step in place of roads. While in the area, it is recommended to walk along Sentiero Degli Innamorati from Spiaggia Grande to the beach of Fornillo, buy an exquisitely made sandal, or hike the secret hamlet of Nocelle in order to see the Panorama of the Gods.

The romantic city of Positano is also one of the top wedding anniversary spots.

Santorini, Greece

Considered as one of the most breathtaking destinations on earth, the Crescent-shaped town of Santorini is located in the southernmost part of Cyclades is actually an active volcano.

Be welcomed by the deep blue hue of the waters, and steep rock formations, a stark contrast to the vibrant white and blue color of the buildings, and watch the entire town turn into a vibrant shade of orange as you watch the sunset in Caldera.

It does not end there. Santorini does not just offer amazing views but also a gastronomic experience that will undoubtedly leave every stomach full.

Azenhas Do Mar, Sintra, Portugal

This incredible destination located on a cliff in Lisbon, Portugal, near Sintra, Azenhas do Mar is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe where you can see the Atlantic Ocean.

Not only is the place travel-friendly for tourists who want to save, it is also home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Pena National Palace.

Meteora, Greece

The town name Meteora translates to "suspended in the air." Here, people can treat themselves to a delightful view in one of Greece's most visited locations. This World Heritage-listed site which looks like that of an ancient tale will surely leave you in awe.

Visit the town's six mountaintop monasteries, or immerse in Theopetra Cave, one of Europe's top archaeological sites that hold over 130,000 years of history and see some of the world's oldest known man-made structures which are located at the cave entrance, believed to be more than 23,000 years old.

Ronda, Spain

One of the most charming places in Spain, this mountaintop city in the heart of Serrania de Ronda will surely leave you breathless.

Feast your eyes on the wonderful sights this town has to offer including the Mondragon palace built in 1314 by the Moorish King Abomelik, Arab baths, Real Maestranza bullring, and the bridge of Puente Nuevo which took 42 years to build. After you're done exploring, you can cool of Cueva de Gato, Ronda's famous river pool, or have a glass of wine in one of Ronda's wineries.