Santorini is a volcanic island that lies between the islands of Ios and Anafi in Greece. It is considered to be among the top international tourist destinations for its incredible Grecian architecture, amazing sunsets, fine dining experience and most especially, magnificent beaches. So if you are looking forward to experiencing the local beauty and charm of Santorini, here are some of the things that you must not miss.

1. This Grecian island has some of the finest and most excellent wineries in the world.  According to Vinepair, even before Italy, Spain and France became frontrunners in producing world-class wines, Santorini was already the source of some of the greatest wines in Europe. So, never leave Santorini without exploring some of the traditional wineries in the island.

2. The village of Oia is one of the major reasons why Santorini is exceptional among all the tourist destinations in the world. It's a perfect reflection of how Santorini stood up after the 1956 earthquake that caused massive destruction to the area. The dwellings in Oia, which were built from the volcanic rocks, add up to the picturesque view of the beautiful Santorini sunset that you can commonly see on post stamps.

3. Near the Santorini caldera sets the two islets called as Palea and Nea Kameni. The formation of the island of Nea Kameni was caused by several volcanic eruptions. It is surrounded by warm waters which have therapeutic benefits such as healing diseases. This is the hot spring destination on the island where tourists can enjoy a bath in the 95°F waters that are composed mainly of manganese and iron.

4. The Amoudi Bay is where the freshest and most delicious seafood dishes are served, Santorini Dave says. It can be found 300 steps away from the city of Oia. The travel towards this little port can be quite exhausting but it is definitely worth it. The restaurants in the Amoudi Bay serve the freshest catch of the day which are flared with the Mediterranean style of cooking. Be stunned with the breath-taking view of the caldera while digging into the sumptuous seafood lunch in the Amoudi Bay.

5. Located near the Akrotiri archaeological site, the Red Beach is definitely one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in all of Santorini. The landscape of both black and red volcanic rocks along the beach has made the view on this beach naturally beautiful Snorkelling is the recommended activity here.