Behind the Colosseum in Rome are endless stories and amazing history. Also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, this Roman invention has been one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Italy, but in the world, as well.

Therefore, we decided to look for some of the untold facts about the Colosseum that will definitely entice you to visit this Roman attraction.

1. Colosseum has given birth to some of the famous historic sites in Italy. Some internal materials and marble frontage were used to build the civil building called the Palazzo Barberini and the most famous St. Peter's Basilica. During the times when the Colosseum lost its importance, it was used to be the source of construction materials all throughout Italy. It was in the 18th century that it was restored and opened for public viewing.

2. According to the Luxe Adventure Traveler, the West Exit of the Colosseum was originally tagged as the Gate of Death. The reason behind this was because during the Middle Ages, the dead gladiators were carried out from the amphitheater through the gate.

3. Constructed in the later 70 AD, the Colosseum has been through a lot of disasters and calamities which caused some of the cracks in the structure of the amphitheater. However, the most severe damages were caused by the earthquakes during the 847 AD and the 1231 AD, Around Rome Tours says.

4. The Colosseum has the capability to accommodate 50,000 people who can enter through more than 80 entrance gates of the amphitheater. During the medieval period, ancient Romans were given the freedom to enter the Coloseum and witness a number of performances and events without any fees. 

5. The Colosseum was a venue for numerous people and animal fight spectacles during the Middle Ages. Around 1.5 million were killed during these battles, a million of which were animals, while 500,000 were humans.