If there is one place in Asia that many travellers wish to visit, it is no less than the country where K-pop was born - South Korea. This place is known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations for travellers of all ages. This 2017, if you are planning to travel to Korea for the first time, you need to do a little research on what you should expect during your travel. 

1. Koreans are not excellent English speakers. During your trip, you might encounter having a hard time dealing with locals especially vendors or cab drivers because of language barriers. Not all Koreans can either speak or understand the English language so you might just able to practice some basic words and phrases before your travel so as to avoid inconvenience. Sign languages can be a bit handy, too.

2. Ever wonder why the Korean actors and stage performers always have that "shine" on their faces? You can actually discover it yourself with the endless stretch of cosmetic stores that are all original Korean brands, and are cheaper compared to other cosmetic lines in the world. 

3. If you think you are not quite a good driver and you cannot understand or read the Korean language, then do not think of renting a car in your trip to Korea. According to Mr. Mike's blog, Korean traffic signs tend to be unreadable and the traffic is quite heavier than you expect it to be. Long-time travellers in this country prefer and strongly suggest walking as a method of transportation  han renting a car, taking a cab or riding a bus.

4. Never leave Korea without visiting their world-famous palaces such as the Changdeokgung and Gyeongbokgung. Your visit to Korea will never be complete if you will not grab the chance of living and dressing-up like real Korean queens and emperors. Most palaces in Korea, which are also declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are some of the most beautiful reasons why tourists love to go to this country. You will be introduced to the traditional and historic villages which we often see in Korean movies and dramas.

5. Travelling around Korea can be quite exhausting because of the long walks that you have to make so make sure to bring your most comfortable footwear with you. From wandering in different traditional villages and temples, food tripping, shopping, and other site-seeing, you will be needing a lot of foot work so be sure to come with your comfiest footwear.