You may know San Francisco from its iconic Golden Gate Bridge--however, the place has a lot more to offer in terms of attractions considering its 49 square mile land area. Anyone can spend the weekend on this famous tourist destination and still not experience all of the things that the place offers. You don't have to join some tours to experience the city because here is a list of places to go in San Francisco.

Asian Art Museum. San Francisco is known for its rich culture and huge numbers of museums dedicated to the most excellent classical and contemporary arts. Among the many is the Asian Art Museum that features an ever growing exhibits and galleries about Asia. The museum is constantly updated from time to time which makes future visits different from previous ones.

Twin Peaks. If you're up for some hiking and doesn't mind a little exercise, Twin Peaks is one of the best locations to visit. It is one of the highest hills in the city standing at 922 feet and overseeing the Bay Area which features one of the most beautiful scenes in the city. According to Culture Trip, the place will be open any day of the week during daytime hours.

North Beach. The minute you hear the place's name you will definitely picture a refreshing ocean with waves crashing the shore however North Beach isn't a beach at all. It is actually a string of side-walk cafes, restaurants and shops with a European vibe.  It is the city's Italian section where beautiful churches of Saint Paul and Peter can be found. It also the place where you can find the Coit Tower sitting atop the Telegraph Hill that offers and exhilarating view of the Bay as per San Francisco Travel.

AT&T Ball Park. For baseball fans, San Francisco is the home of the SF Giants who won the Major League Baseball World Series in 2014. AT&T Park is their home-court which is known for its unique architectural style. During game day the park can get real crowded because of their famous team however getting to the place is no problem because it is accessible via public transport. Tickets to game are not very expensive and you can enjoy an exciting match while chomping the most delicious crab sandwich.

Lands End. San Francisco is relatively small in land area but it is blessed with beautiful land marks like the astounding Lands End. The place is frequented by hikers, biker and dog walkers seeking a good exercise and at the same time marvelling breath taking views of the East Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge itself. The trek is not that difficult and one can easily enjoy walking while watching the scenery as they go.