A trip to America will bring you to several world-class hotels and accommodations. But you will be surprised to know that in a small town in Texas called Marfa, there is this unique hotel that will bring you back to the classic bohemian way of living - the El Cosmico Hotel.

This place offers an amazingly restored yurts, tents, vintage trailers or tepees. Owned by Liz Lambert, this desert lodging opened in 2009 with the help of Lambert's own company, the Bunkhouse. After purchasing the property in 2006, Lambert built a group and collaborated with talented artists, architects, designers to form a plan on how to make El Cosmico different and special compared to other hotels in Texas, and even in the United States. According to the official website of El Cosmico, from the day the hotel has first operated up to this moment, Lambert's team continues to improve and evolve the amenities of El Cosmico Hotel to bring better service and experience to its local and foreign guests.

The design of El Cosmico is a fusion of the bold southwestern culture and the modern internationally distinguished art spaces. The 18-acre property houses guests in its variety of alternative room types such as trailers, yurts, tepees, safari tents and additional 30 tents to people who want to camp but do not have tents with them.  It is known to be the hotel that engages with the community as it offers herbal workshops and also plays host to the Trans-Pecos Festival.

El Cosmico Hotel is the perfect place for adventurous travellers and those who have the nomadic and bohemian spirit. According to Dwell, the southwest colors and textures of the hotel is inspired mainly by the Mexican and the Indian culture. The ambiance makes the guests wander and appreciate the natural beauty of the Texan county while relaxing without any distractions. The minimal room interiors create a total feeling of relaxation. Guests can go stargazing while warming themselves up in the hot tubs that are actually heated by wood.

The design and location of El Cosmico Hotel is actually what makes the place perfect for people who want to appreciate the natural desert majesty while watching the golden sunset. El Cosmico also has a bath house, a hammock grove, picnic tables, an outdoor kitchen that can be shared by any of the guests, bikes available for use, and a free wireless internet connection for you to stay connected by posting all your Instagram-worthy county photos.