Being a total pet lover is more than just feeding the pets, giving them a room of their own, and dressing them up. Sometimes, pet owners, especially those who can afford, usually take their pets to places and vacations where they plan to go to.

There can be times when the owners find it difficult in their hearts to leave their pets at home while they are enjoying the cool breeze of the beach or the luxury from hotels. Taking your pets can be too much of a hassle especially when you choose to be in places where signage telling the "Pets are not allowed" welcomes you. According to Skift, almost 25 percent of the overall number of pet owners in America takes smaller number of vacations because of avoiding the risk of leaving their pets somewhere else.

But this year, pet-friendly travel is now on point. Your dogs or other pets will no longer sit on the lobby or outside the doors of the hotel where you are staying. Come this year, there are many pet-friendly hotels that operate all over the world. There are many five-star hotels in Europe, Caribbean, Canada and New York where pets are most likely welcome just like normal people do. In these hotels, your pets can actually stay and indulge themselves in the luxurious amenities of the said hotels without being kicked out by security guards and hotel personnel.

Also, pet owners can enjoy their vacation without worrying about their pets because nowadays, there are many dog parks, beaches restaurants, and other "pet-friendly" attractions, Bring Fido says. There are also many destinations that offer facilities and services such as pet-sitting, beds, and other treats for your pets.

In an era where your pets - may it be a dog, a cat or any animals -  can also enjoy the pleasures that once only humans can experience, there are no any other reasons why pet lovers cannot go on a vacation with your beloved furs and fleeces. So pack your bags (and your pets' too!) and go on for your most memorable pet-friendly trip this 2017.