One of the best things about being a parent is to be able to serve your kids all the best efforts that you can do for them - from cleaning their milk bottles, making improvisations on your recipes to make the food more appealing to the kids, going to the grocery while pushing your baby's stroller, sending and fetching them from school, up to the time when they actually feel that they are already old for you to take care of.

But the duty of being a mom and dad is eternal. From the moment your child was born, parents are basically endowed with the responsibility of watching over their kids even when they grow old. And as to some parents especially those whose mind is already fixed in the system of parenthood, the idea of a vacation is definitely a "Nah" especially if the vacation is without the kids.

Going on a "Parents Only" vacation once in a while does not make you less of a responsible parent. You can always ask for a relative to watch and take care of the kids for, let us say, a weekend. Taking a vacation with your significant other without the presence of your children will actually refresh and recharge the two of you with your perpetual duties as parents to your kids. As The Dusty Parachute says in an article, being a parent does not mean that you can longer experience the things that are enjoyed by human beings.

Parents will always have the tendency to think twice in leaving their children behind while they are diving into the white sand beaches or indulging themselves to an all-meat buffet. But parents should also be reminded that they need to take a time-out once in a while without killing themselves from guilt.

Well, admit it. From the moment you become parents, you had lesser time with your significant other especially when you are already distracted in performing all your parental duties. Taking a travel without the kids will surely let couples make time for cuddles, romance and intimate talks. Whatever you choose to do, it will remind you that you still need to love one another the way you did before you became parents.

Remember that taking a break from your duties at home will not harm your children for long. Just make it a point that you will have someone to look after them. But just like what an article from Families Go! says, no vacation could be more perfect than a complete "family vacation".