Having kids does not practically mean that you have to hinder yourself from doing the things you want or travel to places you wish to go. Whether you will agree or not, travelling with your children is one of the best things that you must do while they are still kids. Aside from free entrance to amenities and amusement parks, parents will also be able to witness their children's first experiences in places other than home.

Here are some of the perfect destinations to go that are family-friendly and best for children.

Home to many amusement parks, Orlando, Florida is indeed the best place to go if you are planning to travel with your children. From the spectacular theme parks of Walt Disney World Resort, the world-class attractions and amenities of Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure, the amazing LEGOLAND Florida, to the breath-taking rides and animal exhibits in SeaWorld. Families will definitely have a time choosing to which attraction they should go as Orlando has many family-friendly tourist sites to choose from that will be surely enjoyed by parents and kids.

According to Visit Orlando, if you are on a trip with your family, the best thing to consider in terms of board and lodging is a vacation rental wherein guests have the option to choose from one to five-bedroom rooms and villas. Orlando also has many hotel suites so vacationists will not find it really hard to look for a place to stay in.

Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas. Children often have ideas on dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and other movies, from children's books and in televisions. And a good way to make them happy is to let them see dinosaurs in real life. Kidding! But on a serious note, considering a tour to the Dinosaur Valley State Park near Glen Rose, Texas is actually a perfect thing to do with together with your kids because it is where you can find some of the most preserved tracks of dinosaurs anywhere in the world.

There are track tours along the Paluxy riverbed. Kids will also get to see the giant footprints from dinosaurs, brontosaurus and other related creatures.

Known for being a huge reserve that is home to lion, zebras, leopards and giraffes, Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is definitely a must-see when you are traveling with your children. This is where you will find the Nairobi National Park which is famous for breeding endangered black rhinos. Kids can also get to witness a closer look with these animals on a day of wildlife encounter. According to Rough Guides Limited, some of the best places to go when you are in Nairobi are in the Giraffe Center or in the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Located in the southwest of Utah, Zion National Park is the best place to go if you want your children to experience their first memorable outdoor activities. From its sheer red cliffs, Zion National Park's trail leads you to the forest trails all through the Virgin River where you can also find the Emerald Pools. You can also witness breath-taking waterfalls and also a hanging garden to help your kids conquer their fear of heights while hiking, horseback riding and camping.

There are actually many other destinations where you and your kids can enjoy your well-deserved family outdoor vacation. As long as your family stays together, wherever you may go, you will definitely experience the most memorable travel of your life.