Tourists cannot leave the capital of China without tasting the best foods Beijing has to offer. Aside from the historical temples and museums that will astonish your eyes and your mind, Beijing is also bursting with mouth-watering dishes featuring the Chinese imperial delicacies from different regions of the country, up to the comfort of home-made dishes.

With different restaurants to choose from, from fancy to streetside, a three-day tour can never be enough to taste all of best dishes in the capital. Therefore, to help you make the most out of your vacation, here are some of the best food spots that you must visit in Beijing this year.

Mr. Shi's Dumplings. From dumplings that are made by hand and freshly placed on your tables, Mr. Shi's Dumplings is definitely one of the classic food spots that you must try where you can have your dumplings either boiled or fried. It already has many branches all over China but the very first Mr. Shi's is found in Baochao Hutong and Sanlitun outpost.

Guests can choose from a variety of over 50 different kinds of dumpling fillings you can ever imagine - from the traditional chive, pork, beef and egg to the unusual such as pizza composed of tomato and cheese.

Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle King. The Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle King is among the famous traditional restaurants that you can find in Beijing. This restaurant is known to be the place to find the best Zha Jiang noodles in China. Old Beijing Zhajiang Noodle King's best dish on the menu is its Zhajiang mian or noodles with soybean paste. Zhajiang mian is mainly composed of freshly hand-pulled noodles, pork and sliced vegatables. Aside from its very cheap price, your order also comes right away to your tables, China Highlights confirms.

Dadong Roast Duck (Nanxincang). China is known to be home for the world's most succulent and delicious Peking duck. And if you are heading for a trip to Beijing, you should probably have a taste of Dadong Roast Duck. Its Peking duck's thin crispy skin and juicy meat just melts in your mouth plus the brown sauce that gives the duck a fragrant and savory kick to your mouth.8 out of ten guests considers Dadong to be the best roast duck in the world, TripAdvisor reports.

Wang PangZi. Tagged in the Chinese tradition as the meat of the gods, donkey meat is actually widely consumed in China. Among the most popular donkey dishes that are served in the country is the traditional lürou huoshao or the donkey meat sandwich which was originated in the Hebei province.

And the best place in Beijing to find the most tasty donkey meat sandwich is in Wang PangZi. This relatively small restaurant is known for its famous flaky pockets that are filled with shredded juicy donkey meat. Wang PangZi is open for customers 24 hours per day.

Aside from these renowned restaurants, there are other food spots in Beijing that offer wide varieties of authentic Chinese cuisine which are actually fit to any range of budget that you have. With these restaurants, your food trip in Beijing will never fail to amaze and fill your tummies.