Experiencing a blend of Asian and Chinese culture in food delicacies, shopping stalls, beautiful sightings, traditional shops, markets and a lot more is one of the best adventures you can get from Singapore. Chinatown in Singapore is further a mixture of old and modern culture and tradition that reflects the history of the two places respectively.

According to The Culture Trip, the best way to have an in-depth understanding of the influence of Chinese culture in modern-day Singapore is to visit Chinatown Heritage Center. Chinatown Heritage Center relived the scenes of houses and towns of Chinatown in the 1950s; stepping in the heritage center is like tracking back in history. It is located at 48 Pagoda Street, Singapore and is open from 9 am to 8 pm.

A multicultural place of food and a blend of delicacies are offered Maxwell Road Hawker Center that has almost hundred stalls around Chinatown. They offer meals and snacks such as laksa noodles, Hainanese Chicken rice, kaya toast, dim sum, and a lot more. Depending on the stall, the opening hours varies and is located at 11 South Bridge, Singapore.

Chinatown Street Market is the best place to look for a souvenir and shop for a low price. The opening hours may vary from the stall and is located at Pagoda Street, Trengganu Street, Sago Street, Smith Street Singapore. The stalls marketplace is in its full bloom during festivals such as; Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Furthermore, according to Your Singapore, other must-visit places includes; Chop Wa On, Grassroots Book Room, Singapore Musical Box Museum, Chinatown Food Street, Tong Heng, the Club and The Disgruntled Chef. Singapore has a lot to offer to tourists apart from Chinatown.

According to Time, anyone who visits Chinatown can go to side trips in the leafy Island of Pulau Ubin and the island's highlight called as Chek Jawa. Chek Jawa is a lovely marine paradise with sea creatures and wildlife. Meanwhile, let your health be checked and visit the best hospitals with best healthcare service. Click here for details.