Burj Khalifa and Shanghai Tower are two of the best architecture engineered buildings in the world. The two buildings also belong to the list of Top 20 tallest architectural buildings.

A recent article from Travelers Today revealed that the structures from Dubai and China are two of the buildings with the best style and art which relays the culture and tradition of their own. Compare and contrast the two buildings and find the best accommodation a tourist can get.

According to the website of Burj Khalifa, the building is soaring high as tallest building worldwide. One of its pride is Armani Hotel Dubai that provides pure elegance, sophisticated yet comfortable nature to visitors. It is also considered as the world's prestigious address as it has almost 900 resident homes located in levels 19 to 108. Burj Khalifa provides a high class to amenities and services that would provide its residents and guests an elegant lifestyle.

Burk Khalifa provides a fine dining with a great view. Located in the 122nd level, the fine dining offers the contemporary elegance of the restaurants, exclusive appeal of the private dining room, and casual but sophisticated lounge. Furthermore, located in the 124th floor is the observation deck until the top wherein tourists are entertained by a multimedia presentation of the history of Dubai.

On the other hand, as supported by China Highlights, Shanghai tower is considered as the second-tallest building and a premier Shanghai tourist highlight. It has the world's highest observation deck (561m) that is higher than Burj Khalifa's (555m) deck. One pride of the building is its luxury hotel that sits at 84th to the 110th floor. It has also the world's fastest elevator as they speed up and down at 65 kph.

Close to the tower is Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road which are the main shopping streets of the place. Series of international brand names are actually found in these shopping places. Souvenirs for the tourists are also available such as high-class silks, wood carvings, paintings, and calligraphy works.