A remote island in Japan is totally governed by cats more than people. Aoshima Island, popularly known as Cat's island is a place located in Ozu City, Ehime, Southern Japan. As of October 2013, the place is purely simple with no inn, restaurants or any vending machine.

According to Daily Mail, the population of cats started to grow when it was introduced to the island due to their ability to prey mice that congest the ships of the fishermen. There were only a few residents left and they are mostly retirees and old.

After the World War II, most of the residents from the Aoshima Island migrated to Japan's mainland in order to get a job and have a proper quality living. In 1945, the island has been a happy home of approximately 900 people. The place has no official civilization as such there is no vehicles or even bikes running around the place so the cats are considered generally safe and secured.

As supported by Kaeru Parcels, the way to get to the island could be by boat in one day and a round trip. As of November 2016 (still subject to changes), all year round there are two boats available; First boat [Nagahama Port Dep- 8:00, Aoshima Port Arrival-8:35, Aoshima Port Dep-8:45. Nagahama Port Arrival- 9:20] Second Boat [Nagahama Port Dep- 14:30, Aoshima Port Arrival-15:05, Aoshima Port Dep-16:15, Nagahama Port Arrival- 16:50].

Prices going to the Cat Island in Aoshima are still subject to changes as of now, going to the island with luggage can cost more money and the prices for adults and children are different including the nature of the trip if it's a round or one-way trip. Furthermore, after the reveal of the island in the media it became really popular as such getting tickets are hard, tickets are actually sold out three hours before departure.

Aside from the Cat Island in Aoshima, another Cat Island is present in Japan most particularly at Tashiro-jima in Ishinimaki, Miyagi. Meanwhile, check out the travel tips for Wembely Stadium where football competitions and musical concerts are held. Click here for details.